I am someone who enjoys taking photos, my subjects are random, from bugs to babies. Photography is therapy for me, I have no real knowledge of the art, I am learning a bit here and there. I use an inexpensive camera.I simply love taking shots of interesting or beautiful things I see. I love the adventure of attempting to get the perfect shot. Please enjoy these photos and share them with your friends. For me the ultimate success is knowing someone may be amazed or made to smile.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Magnificent Monday: Favorites

Magnificent Mondays is a post series started by Jim of Holes In My Soles.
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Favorite things huh?  It would have to be my sunflowers, or the ocean, quite a wide gap I know. Sunflowers are what I call happy flowers and have never failed to make me smile. When I lived in Spokane I had them surrounding my home on the property line, never saw a more beautiful privacy fence.   I have not been able to have the same since we moved but I do always have a few in my yard. I am not a detailed gardener and generally I toss the seeds into the ground and just wait for them to grow. I get impatient and full of anxiety, about then the seedlings will pop through. You'd think I had a baby I get so excited. I did not do any editing on the last 6. Have a fantastic week and share your favorites with us.    

Thursday, October 20, 2011



Tristyn and Kearstyn

The next few are random folk I saw on my journey to find an answer yesterday. 

 The next are of Anthony's family at his 1st Birthday party 

Lewis on a road trip with Gramma and Grampa

More of what I saw Yesterday

I have in the last few weeks been having difficulty with being inspired behind the lens;
I took this opportunity to work with software and try and boost my creative juices and wake up my muse.
I hope you enjoy these photos as a part of my journey through the tough times. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Papa and Lewis on the Beach

Notes: 1. When you can't see the child, Papa is carrying him.
            2. I did do a smidgen of software fixes on these. Nothing drastic.