I am someone who enjoys taking photos, my subjects are random, from bugs to babies. Photography is therapy for me, I have no real knowledge of the art, I am learning a bit here and there. I use an inexpensive camera.I simply love taking shots of interesting or beautiful things I see. I love the adventure of attempting to get the perfect shot. Please enjoy these photos and share them with your friends. For me the ultimate success is knowing someone may be amazed or made to smile.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Look At My Photos from the Last Year!!

 This is Tristyn January 1st at 1 day old.



A frustrated man, May 
August: this is my photo Mom's name is an oops!!!:)

The above 12 photos are my favorites from the last year, one from each month. Not necessarily the best photos, but my personal favorites. 
the next few are just a reprise of some of my other favorites from the year.
Happy New Year!


Random street kid at the park with his kitten.
This one because it still makes me smile. I smile because I showed it to mama and she blushed. That is how sweet she is.
 There you have it. A lot of photos that I personally love in randomness that is me!

I have grown and changed over the last year, sometimes it show in my photos sometimes not. I take photos and photography a bit more seriously than I have in the past, I've started playing with software, I like the change I can make on some of the photos. I think you will see more of it in the future.
Love to you all. Jan


  1. I often notice that photographers save the best images for last ;) I adore the baby photos. They are very spontaneous. I've followed through your first flower images in your blog. Your macroshots are terrific as well as the portraits.

    Remember I asked you for an image I could use in my post. I would like to ask for your November and December pics here. Thanks :)

  2. you are a fablous photographer...lovely memories.

  3. thank you for that little stroll down memory lane ;-)

    my favorites are the squirrel in november, the baby looking at the kids on the trampoline and the baby who spilled the crackers on his face -- haha! they're ALL delightful!!!

  4. To be able to speak using images. Pure Genius!!!


  5. Your pictures are so beautiful, Jan...I love the one of the little baby spilling popcorn (?) all over! You are truly an artist! ♥

  6. Enjoyed your photos from the past year very much!! I liked how you struck a balance between family and nature...found them to be endearing and lovely. Tristyn had alot of hair for one day old :) Thanks for sharing with me. Happy New Year!! :)

    P.S. Ladybug pic made me blush as well

  7. Thank you for sharing all of those photos. Some I had not seen and really enjoyed them! Here's to having another great year of sharing together :)

  8. Oh Jan...you are so talented! I loved them all...

  9. wow !! - if i had to choose from these amazing photos i'd select march, june, october and the insect love .. fantastic work :)

  10. Melissa; Thank you so much for the compliments and the sharing you have done...
    Janu; Thank you for the compliment.
    Dangerous Linda; Thank you, That baby is my one year old grandson. He is a character.
    FherYmas; Thank you for the encouraging words.
    Corinne; Thank you, the baby has a container of baby munchie thingys, he got the lid off, this is what happened before we could grab it. Tristyn turned a year old yesterday.
    David; Thank you David, I am glad you enjoyed the photos.
    Mary; Thanks Mary, I certainly look forward to another year.
    Amy; Thank you <3
    Tbaoo; Thank you so much, for visiting and the comment.

  11. Love them all Jan...each and every picture speaks for itself,the clarity is excellent..keep going.

  12. Alpana; thank you so much, I have been doubting myself lately, I spent a lot of time going over old photos in order to realize that I am okay.

  13. A great gallery of wonderful moments!
    -Autumn Eliza

  14. Wonderful moments u shared Jan, I loved d one f kids n squirrel d most. You are a sweetheart...love U!!


  15. I love them! What great images...and they are so diverse...I love the ladybugs and the picture you took of the road...and the ones of the babies...They are all great! Wishing you a very happy New Year. :)

  16. Hello Jan. Happy New Year!
    Each photo has a story to tell. Even the bugs have been bitten by the "love bug"...lol!
    Wonderful trip down nostalgia lane.
    Great photos! Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. That June picture looks like a turtle's eye view to me. :) Happy New Year!

  18. Autumn; thank you.
    Mani; thank you, the squirrel seems to be the number 1 pick.
    Jerly; thank you.
    jessica; Thank you so much for the visit.
    Andy; thank you, yes they do each tel a story.
    Pokey; thank you, well I was laying on the road....


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