I am someone who enjoys taking photos, my subjects are random, from bugs to babies. Photography is therapy for me, I have no real knowledge of the art, I am learning a bit here and there. I use an inexpensive camera.I simply love taking shots of interesting or beautiful things I see. I love the adventure of attempting to get the perfect shot. Please enjoy these photos and share them with your friends. For me the ultimate success is knowing someone may be amazed or made to smile.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Duck, Geese and Pigeons

The kids and I had an hour wait between appointments today, we went to Alton Baker Park to look at the birds and flowers. Not to feed them, I am trying to teach respect for nature, I explained to them the damage people food can do. We were pleased with the results of not having food, the birds were sketchy, but didn't run or attack. We were given an opportunity to observe from a close proximity, I know they are fairly tame but Tris has been chased and it gave us a chance to help him overcome a huge fear. It was a good solid hour of learning, exploring, laughing and running.

This is my favorite of the day.

And this would be my favorite of the week.

Back to waiting.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Yaquina Bay and Beach

I am truly embarrassed to say that I have lived in this state for nearly 56 year and I had no idea this was the name of the place we visited...I always thought it was Newport Bay and Newport Bridge, I was very wrong.
The name is Yaquina Bay and Yaquina Bridge. I have never visited the bay from the north side in the past, I will be revisiting. It is a beautiful beach.
As with the previous post there are pictures of my family and some of random folk as well. Again I must tell you that although I am a coast baby, I neglected to keep my lens clear of ocean mist, thus some foggy looking photos. the beauty remains

Here is a link about this area that we visited.  http://www.oregonstateparks.org/index.cfm?do=parkPage.dsp_parkPage&parkId=148

Love this one.

Jelly fish



carried Tris across the beach and up these stairs too. I am wonderwoman ...until morning and I can't move...lol