I am someone who enjoys taking photos, my subjects are random, from bugs to babies. Photography is therapy for me, I have no real knowledge of the art, I am learning a bit here and there. I use an inexpensive camera.I simply love taking shots of interesting or beautiful things I see. I love the adventure of attempting to get the perfect shot. Please enjoy these photos and share them with your friends. For me the ultimate success is knowing someone may be amazed or made to smile.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Old Photos

The pictures above are all from along the Rogue River.

Pinnacles near Crater Lake 

my Cousin Eileen

Crater Lake
Somewhere my children have the idea that photographing is new for me. I have one in particular that is always teasing me about my camera always being there. If I just started tell me why I have boxes and boxes and albums full of pictures and about 20 rolls of film I never got developed. I have been taking pictures since I was a wee one, started out with an old box camera I inherited from my sister. the snapshots in today's blog were taken with a 126 film Kodak Instamatic  camera with no adjustments or zoom of any kind. It was in the early 70's, I was about 13.  I thought it would be fun to post some of the old stuff. I have some of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone as well I will put up later.

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  1. I love the nostalgia associated with these. It looks like a wonderful place to go, so peaceful. Is it really like that?

    You obviously have a natural eye, not everyone can take such great pictures with an instamatic camera :)

  2. Thanks SJ it is very peaceful and is an awesome place. I am making a second trip this summer with another set of grandkids. I love it there. If it weren't snowed in 10 mo of the year I would love to live there.


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