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Friday, August 12, 2011

Golden Garden Ponds- Wow it is a park now!!!

When my kids were little we would go here to swim, at the time it was nothing more than a gravel pit that had filled with water, enough to get wet and swim a little. Some of it was very deep and there were several accidental drownings over the years. Now it is a sanctuary for wildlife and people such as myself looking for a piece of nature in town. This park is only a few blocks from my mother's home. I had no idea that it had been so renovated and changed. If you can't tell I am very excited.


  1. beautiful pictures,Jan...I loved the first one..

  2. Thank you, I was stunned when we arrived and found this.

  3. This looks like such a nice place to have a picnic! I am so happy to hear that the place had changed for the better over the years! Love your photos Jan!

    Nelieta travel blog

  4. Thanks Nelielta, I am going to try to get mama to picnic with me. It is so close to her home.


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