I am someone who enjoys taking photos, my subjects are random, from bugs to babies. Photography is therapy for me, I have no real knowledge of the art, I am learning a bit here and there. I use an inexpensive camera.I simply love taking shots of interesting or beautiful things I see. I love the adventure of attempting to get the perfect shot. Please enjoy these photos and share them with your friends. For me the ultimate success is knowing someone may be amazed or made to smile.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Few Things I Took Pictures of This Week

A roosting pair of Great Blue Heron in the top of a tree.

There is no rhyme or reason to these captures. They just are.


  1. Wow..I loved all of them! I especially love some of the perspectives you chose to use. Like close up on the shopping cart and also the picture of the light with, I think it's asphalt or water? I couldn't quite tell what was in front of it but it was intriguing!

  2. Thank you Jessica, it was water in front of that light if you mean he one with the trees reflected in it. I had fun with my camera this week, oh how I have missed it. I am glad to be back.

  3. Oh, these were wonderful, Jan! I especially loved the blue herons - such beautiful birds! Thanks for sharing and brightening my day!


  4. thank you Martha, Glad you enjoyed them.

  5. Glad to see you are back out wandering about with your camera again!! =) I have to agree with Jessica...I love the picture with the light too! VERY cool! <3


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