I am someone who enjoys taking photos, my subjects are random, from bugs to babies. Photography is therapy for me, I have no real knowledge of the art, I am learning a bit here and there. I use an inexpensive camera.I simply love taking shots of interesting or beautiful things I see. I love the adventure of attempting to get the perfect shot. Please enjoy these photos and share them with your friends. For me the ultimate success is knowing someone may be amazed or made to smile.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Cedar Flat and Leaburg: 13 and 15 miles East of Springfield, Oregon

I feel the need to write on this post, please bare with me. I was hurting today, drove off with very little gas and $6 in my pocket. I just wanted to be on the river, had to risk it. I pulled off on several little boat landing stops, as I drove out of one I spotted my husband going buy in his semi. I gave him a quick call, no answer of course, he was driving, duh. I drove off slightly disappointed but continued my journey. I found a new spot walked down to the water sat on a rock to listen to the river. The phone rang, expecting Randy I did not check the number, it was a telemarketer, while I was on the river of all things. I tried to cut him off he kept talking. I shoulda just hung up, but trying to be patient and polite I didn't. In the end he offered me something free for $4, huh? I quit being patient and hung up. My peace in that spot completely disturbed, I drove on to the next, I got close to the water took a bunch of shots, my mind not really on it. Then I spotted some raccoon tracks, my mind was quickly distracted by thoughts of what the little fellows had been doing, there were some big ones and some smaller ones. As my mind went back to work, I imagined a happy little raccoon family fishing and drinking here in the early morning hours. I was feeling so much better as I left. I drove up the little road up to the highway there on the edge of the highway I spotted, what else? A raccoon dead hit by a car, I was devastated, as if the lives I created in my head for these little critters had been real and I had been a part of it. Still trying to gather my wits I went to the next little hole in the wall and proceeded to just take pictures and not think at all. I succeeded at this for a bit, then I just gave up, I tried to go home made a wrong turn went a couple miles the wrong direction, my gas light clicked on. Found my way to the right road and made it all the way home to the drive way where I collapsed in a bundle of nerves. It probably doesn't sound like much to you, but I validated a couple things for myself. First if you go in generally the right direction you can find your way home, second leaving one place for another doesn't help, you take yourself with you, and three having a gas can in the trunk is a must. I knew all these things, guess I just needed a short reminder course.

Here are the shots:








Got a sunspot in this one, I still liked it though..8









No number






























The raccoon print. .46




 Oh as a side note; those two fisherman in #25, yah those two, they got freaked out by this out of shape scary lady with a camera and beat feet shortly after I got there, or maybe it was the cell phone ringing while they trying to relax. At the time I took it personally, that will tell you where my mind was.

Hope you enjoyed the shots. I promise much fewer words next post.


  1. The words as well as the photos speak a great deal about what you felt and did, Jan. I could imagine you through the above paths and as I saw the photos, I thought of the raccoons. Sometimes, the path leads us. Glad to read this today.

    Joy always,

  2. Thank you Susan, I'm glad you understood and enjoyed.

  3. Beautiful photos...though it did not lift your mood, you certainly did mine. Thanks.

    1. I am glad it worked for you Janaki. Thank you for the visit...

  4. Hi Jan, I agree that you always take yourself with you but do you not think that sometimes leaving one place for another does help temporarily.You will not escape your problems, of course they are still with you. But sometimes a change of scene, just like changing the angle of a photograph gives you a different perspective. It allows you gather strength and focus to return to face problems anew. I can understand you seeking the river. I find flowing water soothing. I'm sorry that the tranquility in your photographs was not yours on this day.

    1. Oh yes it works on a temporary basis , for the reasons you stated much of the time. Sometimes there is just to much. Like I said sometimes you also need a reminder of things you already know. I am glad I went, if I had not I would have had emotional issues with people rather than self.

    2. Thank you Hocam for the visit and insight.

  5. I have traveled with you thru this photographs (on a dwindling supply of gas) and felt the changing of moods too. Sometimes we need to take the risk...to illuminate our soul.

    1. Thank you Fher, You are so right. As much of a disaster as it seemed to be, I am still glad I went.

  6. Hi Jan, I have to admit that this post made me want to give you a huge hug. I know how it is when life is in your face and won't back down. Looking at the photo of the raccoon track made me tear up. We are after all no different than the raccoon in that we never know where I path will take us.
    The photographs had a certain gloomy beauty to them, matching your mood I suppose. I love how you share from such an honest and vulnerable place Jan. It gives the rest of us the courage to do the same.
    I'm sending a big hug to you girl!

  7. Thank you Leah for the hugs and love, I rally need the hugs today. Thank you for visiting as well, it keeps me going to know folks are enjoying the results of my pointing the camera around.

  8. Beautiful images. I love being by water. There is something healing about the sound of it flowing.

  9. yes there is, I love the rivers. For so many reasons. thank you. <3

  10. Jan beautiful shots thank you.... and you say you can't write.. : )


  11. Thank you Jessica, if that is writing I guess I can. when it pertains to my life experience I just talk to the keyboard...lol.

  12. I love the photo's. That rver is like home to me and where I used to go to relax, meditate, what have you. Love you honesty and thank you for not being so vain or proud to share yourself with us.,


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